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Electrical appliances



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Electrical devices take up space and usually require adaptors and sometimes transformers. Donít carry them unless you absolutely need them. Electrical voltage varies from 240v (United Kingdom) to 110v (Caribbean) with 230v (Europe) and 120v (USA) being the most common. In general, most transformers will cope with the range of 210-240v or 110-120v but if your electrical device doesnít incorporate a transformer to cope with dual voltage, you will need to carry one to move between the two ranges. To check what voltage is available in the country you are visiting, please check the World Plug and voltage standards for the country you are visiting

The most common devices required by travellers include razors, hair dryers, curling irons and steam irons. If you must carry these devices then please find the smallest dual voltage models that you can. Make sure the switch is on the proper voltage for the country you are in before using the appliance.

Other devices which everyone seems to be carrying these days are iPods or other MP3 players and DVD players. MP3 players will at least fit in your hand luggage - most DVD players with screens big enough to watch comfortably will probably take up too much room.

You will also need adapter plugs to connect to the power in the country for use or recharging. These can be obtained from the stores at the airport or from electrical stores. The various types of sockets are illustrated here