Other essentials

Travelling Light

Obey the new security restrictions

Have the correct size baggage

Buy luggage that is easy to carry

Pack small size toiletries

Don’t forget first aid


Electrical appliances



Other essentials


There are a number of other essentials that I wouldn’t be without but also things I don’t need which colleagues consider indispensable.  Please don’t include everything otherwise your carry-on will be full, but select what you consider to be most important. A comprehensive list includes:

  • PDA with charger if necessary - for all that essential information;
  • a pocket alarm clock – so that I don’t miss the next flight;
  • a waterproof watch – don’t take it off and you can’t leave it anywhere;
  • a small notebook with propelling pencil – so that I can make notes of what happens because I never remember everything afterwards;
  • prewritten address labels for postcards, letters etc. – so that I don’t forget anyone;
  • spare pens – preferably ones that don’t leak;
  • guide books and maps – so that I make the most of the trip;
  • resealable plastic bags (Ziplock or equivalent) - for wet or dirty clothes, papers, pens that may leak and a variety of other uses;
  • camera – digital requires recharger and ability to download images or extra memory, other types require films, a tripod may also be required if you are an enthusiast;
  • security pouch  - to hold documents and money hidden under my clothes;
  • spare glasses and prescription;
  • ear plugs and eye mask (for when the room next door is very noisy or I want to sleep on a flight);
  • inflatable travel pillow;
  • laundry kit - liquid detergent (for washing clothes), a universal plug for basins and baths (also useful for opening bottles and jars) and a flexible clothes line
  • sewing kit (needles, thread, safety pins and spare buttons);
  • a day bag for carrying things around during the day – when the carry-on would be too big;
  • a water bottle;
  • a rubber door wedge – for keeping people out;
  • duct tape – for fastening things up;
  • luggage locks – for prying eyes and sticky fingers;
  • a flash light (with spare batteries);
  • snorkel and mask – rentals never seem to fit properly;
  • sun hat and/or sunglasses;
  • an umbrella – can double as a sun shade;
  • jewellery – only things that you can afford to lose;
  • driving licence;
  • copies of necessary insurance details;
  • a list of emergency telephone numbers;
  • copies of all relevant documents – including your passport, visas and the packing list in case things get stolen.