The first aid kit

Travelling Light

Obey the new security restrictions

Have the correct size baggage

Buy luggage that is easy to carry

Pack small size toiletries

Donít forget first aid


Electrical appliances



Other essentials


There are restrictions on the quantity of liquids that can be taken through security control and these include all liquids and creams so apply to some first aid items.

Passengers may carry small quantities of liquids, but only within separate containers each of which have a capacity not greater than 100ml. These containers must be brought to the airport contained in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, which itself must not exceed 1 litre in capacity (approximately 20cm x 20cm). The contents of the plastic bag must fit comfortably and the bag must be sealed. Each passenger may carry only one such bag of liquids. Any containers larger than 100ml (excluding essential medicines) will NOT be allowed through the security search point.

Essential medicines for the period of the trip may be permitted in larger quantities above the 100ml limit, but will be subject to authentication. Passengers must have obtained the prior agreement of the airline with which they are travelling and their departure airport. Passengers must also bring with them supporting documentation from a relevant qualified medical professional.

Do remember that if you are travelling without hold luggage, you will not be able to carry scissors (except small rounded end scissors) or knives, so save embarrassment and leave them at home. I always carry small packs of aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen; anti-bacterial gel for hand-washing without water (included in liquids); antiseptic ointment (also included in liquids); adhesive bandages in various sizes, adhesive tape and gauze pads; sunscreen (preferably waterproof and again included in liquids); malaria tablets (depending where I am going); tissues; tweezers (blunt ends) and cotton balls and/or swabs.

I also carry homeopathic travel remedies (I use Ledum Palustre as an insect repellent and for insect bites and carry Arnica, Arsenicum album, Belladonna, Carbo vegetabilis, Cocculus, Nux vomica, Pyrogenes, Rhus toxicodenderon, and Hypericum & Calendula tincture to address the main complaints including jet-lag, travel sickness, tummy upsets, sunstroke, bites, injuries and serious infections. All are available in 1g vials.)

I know that this lot sounds huge but everything comes in small packages and doesnít take up much room.