Photographs of the Tosho-Gu Shrine

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The Nikko National Park is about 2.5 hours drive north of Tokyo. One of the most popular shrines in Japan is situated in the Park just outside the town of Nikko. This is Tosho-gu Shrine.
The entrance to the Shrine is hidden from view in the trees and protected by a huge Torii gate. Inside the gate is a beautiful five level pagoda. Apparently it has no foundations and is kept upright by a long suspended pole that swings like a pendulum restoring equilibrium in the event of an earthquake.
Steps lead from the courtyard up to the Omote-mon gate. This is protected on either side by Deva gods, painted red and looking very fierce.

The Torii Gate
The Pagoda

Inside the Omote-mon Gate



The Omote-mon Gate

One of the Deva Gods