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Hi. Welcome to the Flying Ark.
This is a personal web site designed to allow us to share photographs and hints among friends.
It focuses on photographs of my travels around the world, yet many people ask for advice on how to pack and travel light so this page includes a few tips.
As new images, pages or reviews are added they will be highlighted in the "updates" section so that you don't miss anything. More updates coming soon.
If you want to contribute comments, images or suggest links please send them to: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
We reserve the right to refuse to add them to the site or to edit them before adding them but we promise to be friendly.
Unfortunately it may take a while for us to add things because work seems to be taking up too much time at the moment.

ps. Everything on this site has taken a lot of time and effort to develop so please remember that I and my friends own the copyright to all words and photographs on this site. Please do not use them without asking permission first.

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